Rates and FAQ

Frequently asked questions..

How do you deliver the media?

After all the final images are selected we usually deliver media over Dropbox or WeTransfer.  We can also deliver via FTP, DVD, SD cards or whatever method is the best for the client.

Do you fly using FPV or first person view?

No we do not.  This mode of flight is highly discouraged by both the FAA and AMA as it greatly reduces the safety factor and overall reliability of the flight operations.  However the camera operator uses a monitor to align the camera gimbal remotely.

How do you know what you are filming?

The camera operator controls the camera from a mobile downlink station in full HD.  From this station the camera operator can see the photo or video image in an LCD display and can control pan, tilt, roll, gyro gain, zoom, iris and record on-off.  A separate monitor LCD display is also available for the client, director or DP.

Can you capture aerial video over large crowds?

For safety reasons we never fly over large groups of people using our larger aerial cams. When we do fly over smaller crowds of people, we use only our small camcopters, and we advise everyone so they can be aware.  Normally great shots are still possible from a safe offset distance.

How smooth is the HD aerial video you provide?

Our video is comparable to that supplied by a full-sized helicopter with a Steadicam or other gyro-stabilized mount.  Using advanced equipment and engineering, our video is some of the smoothest and most stable in the industry.  Quite often our raw footage is used for broadcast with no stabilization applied in post production.  Editing services are available at hourly rate.t.

What is the process to hire your services?

Call or email us with details about your production including exact location, date, time, purpose and camera requirements.  Once we review those details, we will email you an estimate for approval.  Once approved, we require a 50% deposit on the day of the first flight.  Once the editing and/or media delivery has been made, we require full payment.

Do you sell any stock footage?

Yes, please email  or call us and tell us exactly what kind of images you are looking for.  We already have a large collection of aerial stock footage and still images.  If we don’t have what you need, we can definitely go out and shoot it for you.

Is there a minimum charge for HD aerial video services?

Our rates are project-based and vary according the the complexity of the task.   There is generally a 2 hour minimum at $250 per hour for over-land flying.

Do you provide aerial services internationally?

Yes, we are equipped to fly world-wide.  Due to the large size of our aircraft, we ship our equipment via air-freight in custom designed shipping containers.  Our home is Austin, TX.  Flying outside of the US requires we observe the flight regulations of the country we are visiting, as well special radio transmission regulations. Just leave all the work to us.

Are your aerial services insured?

Yes, we have up to 1 million dollars in liability insurance coverage for our UAV’s.

Do you offer turn-key video production?

Absolutely, call or email us with the details of your project for a quote. The majority of the work we do involves a complete finished package for the client. We do it all.

What are your weather limitations?

We can fly in temperatures from 0°F to over 115° F.   We can also fly in gusty winds but it should be noted that in high winds the stability of the video images starts to suffer, even with gyro stabilization. Aerial Viewpoints reserves the right to cease flight operations should high winds pose a safety concern.  Software is available, however, to correct much of the instability caused by wind gusts in the post production.

How much notice do you need to book an aerial photo or video shoot?

That depends on our schedule.  We generally need a few days to a week to plan and produce a shoot.  We also must consider the weather.  To achieve a beautiful outcome, we need a beautiful day, so sometimes we have to wait.

Can you capture high altitude footage?

Yes, though, for all of our footage over 500 feet we use air charter helicopters and airplanes.

Please contact us at least one week in advance for these types of projects.

What is included in your aerial photography services?

Depending on client requirement everything to capture high-resolution images, up to 24 megapixel single images and several hundred megapixel panoramas from one location and different angles and/or elevations.  We provide a proof gallery for final image selection and deliver all images edited and corrected.  Additional post production is available for additional fees.



Our base rate is $250/hour with a minimum of two hours. This is typically for video work, so if you are only interested in images the rate can be adjusted. This also includes travel expenses if you are within 50 miles of one of our locations.

Corporate Image

It’s the first impression you leave with your customer. Present your company on the web or in your lobby with stunning aerial photographs, aerial views and air films of your facility.

Hotels, Resorts and Theme Parks
Provide an interactive experience for your guests and makes them hungry for a real visit.

Golf Courses and Golf Clubs
Run your virtual visitors from tee to tee and demonstrate how challenging and worthy your golf course is.

Your Activities and Events
Striking aerial images, panoramas and movies from the air show attendees how great it was.

National, State and Regional Parks

Other Areas of Application
Aerial photographs, aerial views and air films offer a variety of ways to document sites for maintenance companies, consultants, municipalities and the private sector.

For jobs that may span multiple days, more detail is required to determine the cost. Contact us by phone,  email, or via the contact form and we can work out a price that is acceptable to both parties.

Any flight over water, or one that requires a specific aircraft is determined based on the job. Because we can not possibly describe any and every type of job, the rate is to be determined after an evaluation.

These types of special flights usually include concerts, over-water flights, weddings, golf courses, litigation, and inspections.

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